In-company Training

Unlock the potential of commercial teams

Your employees are the driving forces of the innovation machine in your organization. How do you work on optimal performance and job satisfaction at the same time? With In-company Training you achieve shorter timelines, a higher ROI, and happy employees.

What are your goals?

The FMCG Academy offers In-company Training for innovation challenges of all kinds, such as:

  • How can I help employees make better commercial decisions?
  • How moving from risk-averse to opportunity-driven?
  • Does everybody know what really drives retailers?
  • How do we respond to retail and consumer trends?
  • How to realize shorter timelines for innovations?

Our approach

Kick-off & baseline assessment

Please tell us more about your challenges and learning needs. We always start with a baseline assessment, based on interview sessions across the organization.

Tailor-made program
Together, we customize a program based on your needs, lead time, and budget. In every program, education, inspiration, and connection are key. 

Evaluation & learning effect
With an interview session afterward, we measure whether the desired goals have been achieved and whether the learning effect is guaranteed. You will get one contact who guides your team before, during, and after the training program.

You won't find this at any other academy:

null More than 60 years of experience with FMCG manufacturers.

null An extensive international network of teachers & speakers.

null Extra attention to body & mind, as we believe this is essential for successful teams. 

null Full focus on securing an effective learning experience.

This is how we ensure quality

Theo Toering: "As the founder and owner of the FMCG Academy, I am your contact person for In-company Training. I supervise every process from start to finish. I use my decades of commercial experience in FMCG and 100% dedication to work together with you to achieve your next level goals."

This is why Theo founded the FMCG Academy

Theo Toering, Owner & Founder FMCG Academy:

"If you do what you did, you'll get what you've always got. Let's boost the innovation machine in your organization together!"


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