Design Thinking, Branding & Innovation

Boost your innovation machine!

Do you want to get your innovations off the ground faster? How do you ensure that new ideas better meet customer needs? Learn how to apply Design Thinking and gain more insights into brand design & brand strategy.

Practical information

Ticket price: €949 excl. btw
Venue: De Jamfabriek, Den Bosch or online

FMCG Academy

Do you recognize this?

          • New products often disappear from the shelf within a year.
          • Brainstorms usually lead to the recycling of old ideas.
          • Truly innovative ideas are difficult to get off the ground.
          • You want to get a better understanding of design & branding.

Do you want to learn:

        • How to launch more innovative products?
        • What are the key indicators for powerful brand design?
        • How to tackle discussions with retailers concerning prices?
        • How to get the most out of your design investment?
        • How to improve your brand offer with branding?

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Daniela Simbula
Design Thinking Expert
FMCG Innovation Manager


James Whittaker
Product & Package Designer
University Teacher


February 2: Design Thinking
Daniela Simbula will learn you:

  • how to innovate better, faster, and more sustainably with Design Thinking
  • to gain and distinguish relevant consumer insights
  • to look at your product range from a different perspective
  • to tap into a new way of creativity during the innovation process
  • to keep a critical eye on solutions and how to choose the best one
  • to prevent ideas don’t make it due to a lack of commitment or resources



February 3: Strategy & Design
James Whittaker will teach you: 

  • to get a deeper understanding of how brand design & strategy function
  • how you can optimize your brand offering in retail
  • everything you didn’t know about navigation & shopper thinking
  • how to get the most out of your design investments