Retail Knowledge & Insights

Upgrade your retail knowledge in 2 days!

How can you get a deeper understanding of the retail landscape nowadays? How can you get your products faster on the store shelves? Learn to think along with the retailer, learn more about evidence-based innovation, and catch up on the latest trends.

Practical information

   2-Day Program

   Time schedule: 9h30 – 17h30

•   Venue: De Jamfabriek, Den Bosch or online

•   Investment: €949 (ex. btw)


    • You get insights to get your products into the (digital) retail shelf faster.

    • You learn how to think like a retail entrepreneur and know how to respond to this.

    • You know the basics of evidence-based decision-making.

    • You know the latest trends & developments and know how to respond to them.

    • Plenty of inspiration that helps you to make an impact in your organization.

    • Certificate of participation & an extensive network of FMCG professionals.

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Teachers & Talks


Chris Rikkers
Retail Strategist 
Jos de Vries


Robert van Ossenbruggen
Evidence-based Marketing 


Christophe Renders
Retail Consultant
IRI Netherlands


Bart Fischer
Innovation Expert

FMCG Academy Rob Adams

Rob Adams
Spreker & Auteur
Six Fingers


What to expect?

During this 2-Day program, you will be immersed in the world of retail nowadays, with a look to the future. 4 FMCG experts will learn you everything about:

    • How to really think like a retail entrepreneur
    • Retail & consumer trends (and how to respond to them)
    • Evidence-based decision-making in FMCG
    • The best practices for successful innovations

To educate, to inspire, to connect

The FMCG Academy stands for education, inspiration, and connection. During this program, you get the right decision-making tools to make an impact in your organization. Also, you can grow as a professional by learning good practices from like-minded people. There are plenty of networking opportunities!


  • Luxury catering
  • Networking opportunities

Discover the details

Chris Rikkers | Shopper Mission & Retail Formats

To properly understand consumer behavior, you need to know the context. The consumer is part of the society and shaped by experiences. Chris takes you along the driving forces of society, how you translate this into the shopper mission and how you develop successful formats.

Christophe Renders | Retailer's KPI's

If you want to get (and stay) on the shelves with your product, you have to learn to think along with the retailer. Christophe teaches you all about the most important KPIs for retailers and how you can respond to current developments in the retail world.

Robert van Ossenbruggen l Evidence-based Marketing

Robert is an evidence-based marketing trainer. Together with Robert, you get a deep dive into fundamental questions for your brand and he will challenge you in the field of critical thinking.

Bart Fischer | What’s Successful Innovation?

Innovation is a profession. Bart Fischer is the right person to teach you this. As the former Director Format Development at Ahold Delhaize, he launched AH XL and the most sustainable supermarket in the Netherlands. He provides you with the proven tools & insights to innovate more successfully!

Rob Adams | Innovation & Renewal

Did you know that successful renewal and innovation are not about improvement? Rob Adams tells you why, in this inspiring keynote. You learn how you realize innovation while your organization is focused on execution. Rob’s story is based on discussions with startups & multinationals, from the Netherlands to Silicon Valley. He also provides you with practical examples that help you to change your mindset about renewal and innovation

A sneak peek from teacher Robert:

Teacher Bart Fischer

"Innovation is a profession. If we want to improve the world, more people need to learn to innovate."