Masterclass negotiation for marketeers

Boost your negotiation skills in 1 day

Negotiation is all about creating value. This training is a must for marketeers who wants to learn how to achieve their goals faster with the right negotiation techniques. It's a unique chance to learn from The Gap Partnership, the world’s best negotiators!

Practical information

Ticket price: €599 excl. btw
Venue: De Jamfabriek, Den Bosch or online

You will learn:

          • how to achieve your (commercial) goals faster to create more value in negotiations

          • about the difference between competitive and collaborative negotiations and how to deal with each situation

          • how your own behavior impacts the outcome of your negotiations

          • how to negotiate in a (proven) way that feels comfortable to you

          • (at least) 8 things to take away and implement in your daily work, taught by FMCG experts who understand your challenges and needs.

          The Gap Partnership has been consulting the FMCG and retail industry for 25 years. This is a unique chance to learn from the world's largest negotiation consultancy organization!

Reconsider if you think this is not for you...

A common misconception about negotiation training is that it would be for sales professionals only. That's not the case. Everyone benefits from strong negotiation skills. In fact, you negotiate all day, because you want to find the best solution in every situation. In the end, the outcome of your negotiation determines your success on both a personal and professional level.

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Roland van Alken 

Consultant Manager & Client Director 

The Gap Partnership

Roger Greenfield The Gap Partnership

Roger Greenfield


The Gap Partnership

Maarten Kerkhof Ahold Delhaize

Maarten Kerkhof

Former Category Director Albert Heijn l Entrepreneur

Sales Director Nederlandse Loterij


Teachers: Roger Greenfield & Roland van Alken

You learn to negotiate by doing. But first, it is important to understand: what does a successful negotiation entail? Teachers Roger Greenfield & Roland van Alken from The Gap Partnership take you into the psychology behind negotiation and share proven successful negotiation tricks.

You will learn how to apply the right negotiation method in any situation. Then you will put this into practice with a showcase. You will also get to know your own negotiating style and you will receive tips to make a difference tomorrow.

The Gap Partnership

Maarten Kerkhof teacher FMCG Academy

Talk: Maarten Kerkhof – Sales Expert

This training day will conclude with an inspiring talk by Maarten Kerkhof. Maarten has decades of sales experience in the FMCG sector, worked as Category Director Food & Retail at Albert Heijn and is an entrepreneur.

In all these roles he has successfully applied various negotiation methods. Get inspired by his experiences and discover the best practices in every negotiation situation!