FMCG Year Program

Do you want to break out of old patterns to innovate better, faster and in a more sustainable way? Do you want to achieve professional and personal growth? Enroll now for the FMCG Year Program. In one year, you will learn how make a difference with more successful innovations.

FMCG Year Program

  •    8 course days with Teachers, Tools & Talks
  •    1 case study with fellow participants 
  •    3 (online) reflection sessions in small groups
  •     Integral personal development program 
  •     + valuable network

Who is this program for?

The FMCG Year Program is designed for FMCG professionals who are involved into new product development and innovation processes. This program is the right one for you if you want:

  • To learn how to make better, faster and more sustainable commercial choices.
  • Shorter timelines, higher ROI and sustainable brand growth.
  • To reignite your passion and boost your power, to make the right decisions.
  • To achieve growth, on a personal and professional level.

What to expect?

The best Teachers, Tools & Talks

During the FMCG Year Program, you get all the decision-making tools to make an impact and we will disrupt your thinking at the same time! You get inspiring talks from renowned industry speakers and experienced teachers who challenge you to get the best out of yourself. Also, you learn how to put all these new insights into practice.

Program modules:

Retail Knowledge & Insights

What does the retail landscape look like today? How can you harness the power of market data in an early stage of the innovation process? And what are the best practices of evidence-based innovation? This module is the starting point for a deeper understanding of retail nowadays.

Marketing & Growth

Learn from successful FMCG professionals, work together on practical cases and boost your creativity. Themes that will be covered are: performance marketing, segmentation, customer centricity, design thinking, shopper marketing, branding & innovation.

Relationship Management & Negotiation

In this module, it’s all about understanding each other better in order to create alignment. You will be working on topics such as collaboration, negotiation, how to pitch and how to close the deal, and put this into practice as well. 


- integral personal leadership coaching 

- the option to bring a colleague on live days


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